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HID® FARGO® ID Card Printers

HID® FARGO® Professional Series Card Printers feature state-of-the-art technology that sets new standards in the id card printers industry. These innovative HID® FARGO® printers feature rock-solid reliability, customer-friendly features and cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Plus, they're backed by the best systems integrators in the business.

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HID® FARGO® C50 ID Card Printer

FARGO C50The HID® FARGO® C50 card printer offers a simple and reliable solution – at a price everyone can afford. Plug-and-play, the C50 can create personalized IDs for membership and loyalty cards, casino employee IDs, or visitor badges for schools whenever and wherever you need them, in five minutes or less. Featuring a sleek, compact design, the C50 makes it an easy to fit even in the smallest of office settings. Designed with efficiency in mind, the C50 comes with built-in Swift ID™ badging software, automatic printer health monitoring via the included FARGO Workbench™ diagnostic utility and an easy to install, all-in-one printer ribbon and card cleaning cartridge, making your in-house card printing virtually worry-free. Backed by a global two-year warranty, the C50 can be seamlessly integrated to work with other HID products, ensuring that you receive and retain the maximum value from the most trusted name in secure identity solutions.

HID® FARGO® DTC1250e ID Card Printer

FARGO DTC1250eThe DTC1250e provides an ideal card printing solution for small businesses, schools, and local governments that need a simple, reliable, and affordable means of printing and encoding photo ID cards. You get professional quality, color ID cards and security encoding-reliably-all in one pass. Operation and supply replacement are both intuitive, making training completely unnecessary.

With a small, compact footprint, both single- and dual-sided options, a simple user-focused design, and easy integration with other HID products, you'll receive maximum value from the most trusted name in secure identity solutions.

HID® FARGO® DTC1500 ID Card Printer

FARGO DTC1500The DTC1500 comes standard with easy to implement security features like the resin data scramble and the ability to apply a custom watermark overlay. This allows for the application of a customised transparent security image such as a logo, symbol, or text to be integrated as a permanent watermark within the printed card’s overlay panel making duplication virtually impossible. The DTC1500 custom watermark provides organisations with a cost-efficient way to significantly increase card security and prevent possible counterfeiters without additional investment in holographic overlaminates or foils.

HID® FARGO® DTC4250e ID Card Printer

FARGO DTC4250eYou get reliable, professional quality color ID cards and security encoding--all in one pass. Operation and supply replacement are both intuitive, making extensive training unnecessary.

With an unheard of combination of footprint flexibility, field upgradeability, ease of use, and ease of integration with other HID products, you'll receive maximum value for your asset protection budget from the most trusted names in secure identity solutions.

HID® FARGO® DTC4500e ID Card Printer

FARGO DTC4500eThe versatility of the DTC4500e is unsurpassed. From loyalty cards to sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics, this high-volume printer delivers speed, power and versatility all in one. It produces ID cards using two different printing methods: dye-sublimation for vivid colors and accurate photographic images, and resin thermal transfer for sharp black text and bar codes that can be easily read by infrared or visible light scanners.

HID® FARGO® DTC5500LMX High Volume, Ultra low cost per card printer

FARGO DTC5500LMXThe DTC5500LMX all-in-one, direct-to-card (DTC®) printing and lamination solution delivers reliable, high-volume production at an ultra-low cost-per-card. The solution is ideal for organizations that require robust printing and lamination every day to meet the needs of medium-to-large corporations, universities, as well as government and healthcare facilities.

HID® FARGO® HDP5000 ID Card Printer

FARGO HDP5000Colors are vibrant. Images are crisp. Quality is second to none. ID cards printed on HID® FARGO® HDP5000 Card Printer/Encoders do more than protect your organization — they reflect its pride. HDP5000 produces ID cards with the highest image quality available. By printing a reverse image on the underside of HDP Film, then fusing the film to the card surface, the HDP5000 creates an image quality that looks more like a sharp glossy photo than an ordinary ID badge.

Printing on film instead of directly on the card means that the uneven surface of technology cards doesn’t compromise image quality. The HDP5000 can print up to the edge of smart chip contacts, and over the edge of the card.

HID® FARGO® HDP5600 High definition printer/encoder 600DPI

FARGO HDP5600The HDP5600 produces ID cards with the highest image and text quality available, making it a smart choice for retail stores, recreation facilities, and any organization whose brand image is paramount. Not only are colors more brilliant and images sharper, but the high quality, 600 dpi resin printing capabilities of the HDP5600 give you the ability to precisely print small text and crisply defined barcodes like never before. Leveraging the 600 dpi option, the printer can even accurately reproduce complex characters, such as Kanji, Arabic and Cyrillic

HID® FARGO® HDP6600 Ultra Fast Retransfer ID Card Printer

FARGO HDP6600Built on six generations of proven retransfer technology over the last 20 years, the new HID® FARGO® HDP6600 from HID Global® combines innovative, never-seen-before features and patent-pending iON™ technology with unprecedented print speeds — making it the most advanced, efficient and fastest desktop-based retransfer printer available on the market today.

HID® FARGO® HDP8500 ID Card Printer

FARGO HDP8000The HID® FARGO® HDP8500 is the superior industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput ID personalization and issuance. It's especially suited for large government ID card programs and laborious service bureau conditions, as well as demanding university and large enterprise environments.

Solid metal cabinetry and precision-engineered interior components create a stable printer environment that operates reliably over continuous runs. In fact, the HDP8500 is loaded with features that maximize card yield per shift: multi-card processing capabilities, 400-card input hopper capacity, accessible card path and graphical touch screen interface, and built-in physical and electronic security features. These features are all designed to ensure continuous production, even in the most demanding environments.