Healthcare ID Cards

Unicard are a leading supplier for ID card equipment to many large hospitals and organisations Australia wide.

Unicard supply a wide range card printers from all leading brands that are used to produce ID cards for healthcare workers.

The card printers we provide can print on both sides of the card generally used for ID purposes on the front and then detailed information such as security/emergency/evacuation procedures on the rear. Given Hospital ID cards are commonly used for access to restricted areas, the card printers that Unicard recommend are capable of printing directly on to access cards. To finish the card process off, a durable and professional ID card is produced and provided to staff in a hard plastic card holder attached to a lanyard, retractable card holder or alligator clip. Unicard provide fast delivery on all ongoing consumables and provide unrivalled service and support to ensure your card printer is working around the clock. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, arrange a demonstration or place an order online for fast delivery Australia wide.

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Why Choose Unicard As Your ID Supplier?

Instant Staff Card Issuance

Produce staff cards in under 30 seconds with a compact, easy to use and reliable Healthcare card printer. Full colour and monochrome printing options available. Speak to our team today on which Blank ID Cards you should use for your site.

Everything You Need All In the One Place

Unicard provide staff card printing requirements to hospitals and other organisations around Australia and do not only supply the card printer. But we also supply the ongoing consumables and ID accessories. Unicard have a large warehouse full of all the ID accessories you need including card holders, lanyards, name badges clips, access cards and so much more.

Professional On-Site Australia Wide Service and Support

Unicard have been in business for over 35 years and have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin. All of our technicians have been trained and certified by the manufacturer to service and support their products. Unicard hold stock for all parts and are able to offer fast and professional on-site service and support for your ID card printer so that you experience no downtime.

Common Healthcare Card Printing Cases

Hospitals require card printers on site to provide instant issuance for new or lost staff ID cards. Unicard have a large range of ID card printers and consumables to keep you on track. Unicard offer the whole package including the access cards, id accessories and even visitor management kiosk solutions.

It is often a requirement for Aged Care staff members to verify their identity with an ID card that can be clearly seen at a glance by patients or other staff members. Unicard can provide a simple ID card printer solution so that your company can produce fast and professional ID cards on the spot without the need for outsourcing.Contact Unicard today to discuss your requirements or order online for fast Australia wide delivery.

Similar to the Aged Care card printing, NDIS is not so different where staff members are required to show an ID for patients and other staff. Unicard can assist you with your card printing requirements. We understand your needs as we have supplied to many NDIS service providers before and can provide not for profit discounts to our large range of card printing solutions.

Unicard have had plenty of experience supplying ID cards to health care workers however when visiting patients homes, it is even more important to be able to identify yourself for the patients security. Contact Unicard today to discuss your options regarding ID card printing for your company. Unicard can recommend a budget entry level card printer which will complete your requirements with ease or contact Unicard today about our card printing services that we offer.

Looking For a New ID Card Printer Solution?

Unicard have decades of experience supplying ID card solutions to a wide variety of areas. One common area being Healthcare and the similar facilities like aged care and ndis service providers. Contact us today so we can assist you with your requirements or order online for express Australia wide delivery.