identityONE – Seamless identity issuance

identityONE is the ultimate SaaS ID card management and issuance solution, made in house by Unicard and used by Governments, Universities, and large Corporations globally.

Fully modular, allowing for digital credentials, remote ID applications, and self-service kiosk end user issuance.

Unlimited licencing

identityONE is cloud based and is accessed from your web-browser, no need to worry about ID card software being compatible with your Windows or Mac operating system or needing your IT department for individual deployment. identityONE is the first truly cross-platform cloud-based ID card issuance solution.

Seamless Integration

identityONE integrates easily into third-party access control systems and existing databases, SQL, Oracle etc. We specialise in customised database integration and have decades of experience with Governments, Universities and Corporations globally.

Issue Mobile Credentials

identityONE allows for traditional ID cards and digital credentials to be issued to the same user from the one platform. Allowing you to keep your current physical ID access solution while being future proof with any forthcoming digital credentials. identityONE can utilise recent advancements in building access control technology and enable mobile devices to be an alternative to the plastic swipe card. For in person identification purposes, identityONE can provide live validation and prevent ID fraud on mobile devices.

Extensive Administrator Control

The entire interface of identityONE can be controlled to allow exactly the right amount of access to each operator. Each section, such as card design or reporting can be restricted as needed.

Why consider identityONE?

Flexibility & Reliability.

identityONE is a proven solution that is relied upon by medium sized companies, as well as multinational corporate businesses and governments alike. These customers manage millions of end users with identityONE and each has their own unique requirements. We have integrated identityONE alongside very complex installations and have the highest standards in identity management and data security.

You’re not on your own.

Buying custom software solutions from Unicard gives you the backing of decades of experience, we’re not just a faceless online retailer. We have fantastic people behind the scenes with years of industry insight. To back it up, we have a support team that will help you navigate any issues you may encounter. Support doesn’t stop after installation and we’re always with you when you need us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, we recommend identityONE for anyone that needs to manage over 500 end users. identityONE is the best possible solution you can source for larger installations and can easily scale to millions of records.

identityONE at its core is a SaaS ID card design and person management system. Optional modules are available if you need access to remote ID applications, digital credentials and self-service kiosks.

Each installation is custom and pricing for identityONE varies. Costs will vary by initial integration complexity, then by how many users are issued ID cards and digital credentials.

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