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Unicard supplies genuine card printer ribbons for all brands to ensure the best print quality and reliability.

If you’re in need of printer ribbons for your plastic card printer you have come to the right place. Unicard supply card printer ribbons for all leading manufacturers including HID Fargo, Zebra, Entrust Datacard, HiTi, Swiftpro, Magicard, Evolis, IDP and more!

Card printer ribbons come in many different colour and resin variations. The most common card printer ribbon types are YMCKO (full colour ribbon) and K-Resin (black ribbon).

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Why buy card printer supplies from Unicard?

Genuine Card Printer Ribbons

When purchasing consumables from Unicard, you can feel safe knowing you are purchasing genuine products directly from the distributor. Unicard supply genuine ribbons to ensure consistent print quality and general printer reliability is achieved.

Best price, every day

Unicard offer unbeatable pricing when it comes to consumables. As the importer and distributor Unicard have access to great bulk purchase rates for ribbons and films and we pass this directly to our customers. Speak to us about purchasing in bulk and saving money in your budget!

Still not convinced? If you have received lower pricing on the same item, let us know and we have a price match guarantee that comes with fast delivery and professional support.

Pair card printer ribbons with accessories and save!

Unicard have even more to offer after the card printer ribbon has printed the ID card.

Have you thought about inserting the card into a holder, and what about attaching that card holder to a lanyard?

Or are you printing a name badge, want to clip it to your shirt?

Unicard have all the ID card accessories you need to get the job done and leave that professional feel to your staff, customers and more.

Unicard recommend purchasing card printer ribbons with your ID accessories to save! Contact us today to order your ribbons with things like custom lanyards, card holders, clips, magnetic pads and more!

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Want to know more before purchasing a ribbon for your ID card printer? Learn more about card printing by reading through our insightful and helpful articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Card printer ribbons are heated using the printhead assembly in your ID card printer which cause the dye-sublimation process to occur.

Dye sublimation is the process in which the solid ribbon panels skip the liquid form and go straight to a gas state which is then embedded into the card stock and returns to a solid state. An (O) overlay/ film panel is then applied as the final layer to lock in and seal the colour to the card.

If you are unsure which card printer ribbon you need to purchase, there are a few ways you can find out.

Unicard keep track of every purchase, so we have a complete record of all your previous orders. Call our office and our friendly staff can assist in having new ribbons sent out immediately!

Alternatively, feel free to type the part number on the ribbon box into the search bar.

Or navigating through the above menu to find your card printer brand and then exact model.

You may have heard the words card printer ribbon and card printer film however only re-transfer printers use both. All direct to card printers use only a ribbon and no film is required.

A ribbon is the material that holds the colour you are wishing to print. This might be full colour or just black.

The transfer film used in only higher end re-transfer printed as an additional step in the printing process. This is a film layer that is laminated to the card with a heat roller.

Every card printer ribbon has a RFID chip which is programmed to complete the same exact same amount of prints every time.

There are a set number of panels per ribbon and therefore the quality does not diminish when the ribbon is running low.

The set amount of panels / otherwise known as the ribbon yield varies from printer to printer.

Colour ribbons vary from 250 to 1000 prints per ribbon. Whereas black ribbons vary from 1000 to 3000 printer per ribbon. In general, the more expensive card printers will have a higher yield ribbon as they are more cost effective and less time consuming given you are not replacing consumables more frequently.

Black only printing is the most cost effective and is extremely popular.

Because the card printer black ribbon is made up of only one colour, the ribbon yield is much higher than a coloured ribbon. Each black ribbon varies from 1000 to 3000 cards and is considerably cheaper than colour ribbons. Also, when printing black only, cards are printed in under 8 seconds!

Unicard recommend using our pre-printed cards and then printing the member / variable data in black to finish off the card.

Yes, many different ribbon combinations exist for this exact reason.

Rather than using 2 sets of YMCKO for each side of the card and effectively halving your ribbon yield. Many brands offer a YMCKOK ribbon which has the extra K panel to allow for full colour printing on the front and then black printing on the rear without having to waste a whole set of panels.

This is the most cost-effective method to print on both sides of the card and highly recommended. For more information on remaining cost effective when printing both sides of the card, contact our friendly team for advice and assistance.

To increase security around your printed ID card, Unicard recommend purchasing a lamination module upgrade for your ID card printer. The lamination module upgrade is only available to specific printers and will not only increase the amount of security you have on your card but also the durability by adding an additional film layer to your card.

Lamination films can be clear for added durability only or they can have a secure holographic design encompassing multiple visual security elements for an added extra level of security to your card.

Want to know if your card printer can be upgraded to lamination?

Speak to our team today to find out more.

Unlike paper printers, the print quality in ID card printers do not diminish when nearing the end of the ribbon. Majority of new card printers will notify the user via the front screen or through the computer driver that the ribbon is low and it is time to order a new one.

Unicard recommend always having a spare ribbon to ensure no downtime is experienced.

If your ribbon is depleted and the ID card printer is no longer printing, contact Unicard for immediate assistance and fast express delivery around Australia.