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With many different brands in the ID card design market and each piece of software having multiple editions, it’s important to do your research. The wrong ID card design software can turn a great ID system into a workflow nightmare.

Generally, the lower end editions of Asure ID, Cardpresso and Zebra CardStudio will give you access to the card design side of the software, manual data entry and basic printing options. The feature sets increase with higher tier editions. 2D barcodes; data imports; conditional data fields; print rules; batch printing and smart card encoding are some of the features to consider.

Are you a larger organisation? Custom software packages like identityONE can be tailored to your exact needs.

We’re always available to help if you need a hand choosing the right software for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is yes. Nearly all ID software packages will be able to print to your ID card printer.

Will it work on your Mac running macOS 10.14 and print a 2D barcode? That’s where it gets complicated, and you may need contact us before diving in.

If you are a larger organisation that requires a complex ID solution, we recommend custom software. identityONE is the best one available and can be tailored exactly to your needs. We know because we make it! Currently in use at many organisations across the world, identityONE easily manages clients with over 50,000 users.

Likely not. Most ID card printers are sold as just the printer only and you will need something like Asure ID to help manage your card templates and person database.

Maybe not! Just like your paper printer, you can use whatever software you like to print to your ID card printer. If you have a very basic card design or don’t need to issue many cards, you could find that setting up a small card-sized page in Microsoft Word fits the bill for you just fine.

If you need to have multiple card templates, nicer design options or manage a lot of ID cards though, it’s highly recommended. ID card software makes managing your ID cards and their design infinitely easier.

Chances are that we will have it on file for you, contact us and we should be able to help.