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Access control is used all over the world by organisations to secure their facilities. Unicard are a leading provider of Access Control System components and specialise in providing access control readers and their credentials such as cards and key fobs across all technologies.

As a HID Platinum Partner, Unicard have access to the best pricing across the globally popular HID reader product range and continue to provide to not only security installers but also directly to customers around Australia. As well as their door access control reader range, HID also provide desktop USB plug and play readers to read and write access cards for all applications such as computer secure login, assigning card to staff for building access and much more.

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Unicard have been assisting the Australian market for decades and continue to provide trusted guidance to our customers for all their access needs.

Contact Unicard today for a quick and easy call to discuss your buildings access requirements and Unicard can assist you with the best pricing and service for card readers, access cards/fobs and much more. Speak to the experts, contact us today.

Desktop Plug and Play Readers

The HID Omnikey card reader range can be used over a simple USB connection.

Card readers can use the standard config and are ready to use straight away with a plug and play connection. Should your card requirements be more detailed, quick and easy configuration programs can be used to configure the Omnikey reader to extract the encoded card details you need.

Keyboard Wedge readers

Unicard also supply simpler plug and play readers which will output the most common formats card numbers or serial numbers. For example, Unicard provide a USB plug and play reader that is supplied and ready to be used immediately to read a Mifare CSN (card serial number) or a Mifare ACN (access control number) or a Prox card number.

With many configurations available, contact Unicard to find the best reader for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not every card reader will read all card types and formats. Omnikey readers are normally configured to read your specific format, they are then further configured in the settings to output the card number only.

It is important when picking an Omnikey reader from the HID reader range, that your card technology such as proximity, mifare, iclass etc. are compatible with the HID omnikey reader you choose. Unicard can help with this, please contact us for assistance.

It is extremely common for our customers not to know their access control format however Unicard can assist over the phone to ask some simple questions to ascertain what your card technology and format is. If we are unable to find any further information over the phone, Unicard will request a card or fob sample which will provide an immediate result and we can provide a quote for more card/fob stock and access readers to suit.

An ‘Access Controller’ is usually installed by a security installer which is then connected to Access Readers. The Access Readers are of a thin build and are normally installed on a door frame. Depending on the card/fob credentials that are presented, the access readers will either revoke access or allow access by releasing a magnetic door strike (or similar) for a limited time which will allow the card holder to open the door.

Yes there is, Omnikey readers also come in a ‘upgrade module’ version for your HID card printer which has the ability to read/write your access card as apart of the card printing process. This is a very common requirement as it will avoid handling errors by staff.

By reading and printing the card in the one process, it removes all room for error and makes for a much more simple, fast and cost-effective process. Contact Unicard today to discuss which Omnikey field upgrade module is best suited for your card type.

Omnikey card readers can simply output via Keyboard wedge therefore no software is required. The configured reader will simply output the number to whatever program you have open.

Should you need something more detailed such as the Omnikey reader will talk over a comport and into your custom software application there are drivers, configuration applications and SDK’s available. Contact Unicard with your custom requirements for assistance.