Membership Card Printers

Unicard are the leading supplier for membership card printers and pre-printed cards to clubs and RSL’s around Australia.

By using a membership card printer, you will be able to complete an instant professional plastic membership card in under 30 seconds for your members.

With decades of experience in the gaming industry, our expert staff will guide you to pick the right card printer to suit your club’s membership software solutions on site. With a wide variety of membership software applications in the gaming industry such as IGT, eBet, Max Gaming, Bepoz, Swiftpos, Micropower, Odyssey, Aristocrat and much more – It is important to pick a membership card printer that is compatible with that solution.

By offering a wide range of membership card printers from all leading brands, Unicard can provide the card printer for your needs. Membership card printers are generally supplied with magnetic encoders to work with the swipe function on all gaming, rewards, and POS systems on site. We also provide a service and support to ensure your membership card printer is working around the clock. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, arrange a demonstration or place an order online for fast delivery Australia wide.

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Why Choose Unicard As Your Membership Card Supplier ?

Membership Card Printing Experts

Unicard have been supplying and supporting clubs, RSL’s, gyms and many more sites for decades. Our experience in the industry is second to none and we can assist with setting up a new card printer or even supporting an older one at all sites with all software applications. As the direct importer and distributor for many leading brands, Unicard offer the best pricing for card printers and their ongoing consumables like ribbons, pre-printed cards, cleaning kits and more. Contact Unicard today to speak to our friendly team and let us help you achieve cost effective, easy to manage and reliable membership card printing.

Membership Cards To Suit Your Clubs Budget

Our customers clubs range from 100 members to over 20,000 members, Unicard haveexperience in dealing with smaller and larger clubs and can offer guidance for membership card printing for all sizes. Cost saving techniques like using pre-printed cards and black ribbon printing is extremely popular given the low cost per card while maintaining the complete and professional member card feel that your customers would come to expect. Contact Unicard today to discuss your clubs requirements for quick and easy assistance.

Professional On-Site Australia Wide Service and Support

Unicard have been in business for over 35 years and have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. All of our technicians have been trained and certified by the manufacturer to service and support their products. Unicard hold stock for all parts and are able to offer fast and professional on-site service and support for your membership card printer so that you experience no downtime.

Common Membership Card Printing Cases

Unicard provide membership card printers and pre-printed cards to RSL clubs located all around Australia. The membership cards are either printed with a colour ribbon if both the member photo and data is printed on the card or alternatively a black ribbon is used to print just the members data like name, member number, expiry date etc.

Unicard provide Golf Club membership card printers around Australia.

Generally, Golf Clubs will be using software solutions such as Micropower among others to produce their membership cards. Unicard are normally providing a compatible single sided card printer with pre-printed cards and a black ribbon to produce Golf membership cards

Unicard provide a wide range of plastic membership card printers for all leading membership software solutions. There are plenty of software systems in the market and it is important to know that not all card printers will work with all software solutions.

Contact Unicard for assistance in picking the right card printer for your existing membership software on site.

Looking For a New ID Card Printer Solution?

Unicard are the leading provider in the gaming sector given our long-standing experience in the industry and professional service and support we offer to all customers. Contact us today so we can assist you with your membership card printing requirements with a free demonstration / installation.