Papercut Card Top Up Kiosk Solutions

Papercut Card Top Up Kiosk solutions provide a quick and easy method to add funds to cards at schools, libraries, and universities around Australia.

Unicard provide an on-site kiosk for your users to add funds to their card immediately using cash and Eftpos, straight to their Papercut account. This provides a fast and easy method to card holders and visitors to add funds to their card for printing and other actions within their library, school, or university.

Unicard Papercut kiosks are sturdy and incorporate a PC, touch screen and other devices to make it a simple and easy process to add funds to your card.

There are various readers available for all types of card technologies. Unicard kiosks are a certified Papercut device and link directly to your Papercut server to provide live feedback for funds and account status.

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Papercut Kiosk Benefits

On site solution

Improve your user experience by providing an on-site solution for your patrons, students, and visitors. Unicard kiosks are working in a hybrid environment which allows both online top-up and in-person top up at the same site to give the cardholder a choice and also allows the user to use cash.

Easy to use interface.

The process to add funds using the Unicard Papercut kiosk is fast and easy, simply swipe or present your card to the reader, then insert cash to the note or coin acceptors or select Eftpos and present your bank card. Once you have completed either step, the funds are immediately added to your card and a receipt is optional.

The kiosk solutions are simplified and modernised to cater for all users.

Issue cards directly from the kiosk

Your staff no longer need to hand out cards as required, instead sell, and dispense user cards ready to be used for printing and other actions directly from the kiosk.

Cards that are dispensed from the kiosk are activated and ready for use immediately.

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