IDmobile – Virtual ID / Digital ID app for easy use and issuance.

The IDmobile Virtual ID / Digital ID application was developed by Unicard as an option to complement the printing of ID cards with a digital version.

With just the IDmobile app installed on a smartphone, a digital version of a user’s traditional plastic/PVC card is always ready to view.

IDmobile has a live security hologram and is checked with the backend database in real-time, a fraudulent ID can quickly and easily be identified as invalid, making verification significantly simpler and more secure than traditional plastic ID cards.

Issue Mobile Credentials

Recent advancements in building access control technology has enabled mobile devices to be an alternative to the plastic swipe card. Users are no longer required to carry a card to access facilities with compatible HID RFID Bluetooth readers and can now use their go-to mobile device instead. Thanks to highly intuitive “Tap” and “Twist and Go” gestures, users can gain more convenient and efficient access.

Seamless Integration

IDmobile is a module of identityONE, the ultimate cloud-based ID issuance solution. IDmobile integrates easily into third-party access control systems and existing databases. We specialise in customised database integration and have decades of experience with Governments, Universities and Corporations globally.

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Decades of Experience

We have custom software solutions with clientele ranging from your local primary school to major multinational corporate businesses. We have integrated our software alongside very complex installations and have the highest standards in identity management.

You’re not on your own.

Buying custom software solutions from Unicard gives you the backing of decades of experience, we’re not just a faceless online retailer. We have fantastic people behind the scenes with many years of industry insight. To back it up, we have a support team that will help you navigate any issues you may encounter. Support doesn’t stop after installation and we’re always with you when you need us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This is the driving factor behind us making IDmobile for identityONE. Going digital only isn’t suitable for the majority of companies around the world. Having the option of a digital ID alongside traditional ID cards is the best of both worlds and is part of what makes identityONE the best ID issuance solution.

Absolutely. IDmobile can be added at any point.

You can instantly cancel the digital credential remotely, then activate it again once they are back in control of their device.

Reasons like this are exactly why we find it best to use IDmobile alongside the option of a traditional ID card. If a user loses their phone or is out of battery, you have the option of issuing a regular ID card through identityONE to get them through the period where their device is unavailable.

identityONE, along with IDmobile, reduce the chances of any user being without the credentials they need at all times.

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