Name Badge Card Printer

Unicard have easy to use card printers which produce high quality and professional plastic name badges for your staff.

Unicard supply a wide range of ID card printers which are generally used to print on full size ID cards known as CR80 cards (54x86mm in size).

However, a common request we receive is to print to a smaller plastic card which would be used as a name badge which is easier than you may think! Unicard supply name badge card stock which comes as a complete CR80 card and then once printed, will snap into 2 even name badge size pieces.

No specialty card printer is required. These name badge cards are commonly purchased with clips like the magnetic pads or adhesive safety pins so that the name badges can easily be applied to the staff member. Unicard offer a large range of card printers ranging from under $2000, all the way through to printers over $6000. Contact our team today for more information and your requirements so we can best assist you in purchasing the right name badge card printer for your company.

Why Choose Unicard As Your ID Supplier?

Fast, Easy and Durable Name Badges

Many of our customers come from outsourcing their name badges to then realising how easy and cost-effective name badge printing can be. Two name badges are produced in under 30 seconds on a hard PVC plastic that is extremely durable and easy to attach and remove with the use of our clip offering.

Cost Effective Printing

Another benefit over outsourcing your name badge requirements is the money you will save producing the badges yourself. With majority of our card printer range, name badges can be produced for less than $1 each!

Common Name Badge Card Printer Cases

Easily print your own custom staff name badges with your full colour logo and staff name and title all from the desktop card printer at your fingertips. A cost effective, durable and fast solution!

A very common design theme with name badges is a metallic silver or gold backing which is easily achieved using our custom pre-printed coloured cards options. Use the custom pre-printed card option in a two way breakaway silver or gold and achieve a professional and fancy look to your staff name badges.

Looking For a New Name Badge Printer Solution?

Unicard are the leading provider for ID card printers in many sectors given our long-standing experience in the industry and professional service and support we offer to all customers. Contact us today so we can assist you with your name badge card printing requirements or order online for fast delivery Australia wide.