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Unicard stock and supply a wide range of card readers for all technologies. These readers can be used for door access, or something as simple as logging a card number on your PC.

Unicard provide the Slimline and Standard door access readers to universities around Australia. Unicard CSN readers are used by thousands to quickly read a card for tracking purposes in many applications.

The new QR code mobile credential has been developed for higher security QR code applications such as using a QR code for door access on access control systems, visitor management, desktop device login, digital ID to device information transfer and many other secure QR code applications.
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Secure QR Key Benefits

Encrypted QR Data

QR Code Expires

Minimal environmental impact

Extremely cost effective

QR Features

How is the QR Code secure?

Just like a Bluetooth or NFC mobile credential, the QR code is encrypted. The secure encrypted QR code has two layers of security built into the QR code. The first is a mechanism that forces the QR code to expire in a configurable time frame, forcing any QR code that has been screen shot or copied to stop working after it expires. The second layer of QR code security is a 128bit AES encrypted data layer that is shared between the QR code generation portal, and the QR link reader. This allows a secure transfer of encrypted data from the secure encrypted QR code to the QR link reader, where the QR code is decrypted. This level of security ensures that the data supplied by the QR link reader is genuine, unmodified data. Any external QR code reader will return unrecognizable, meaningless data.

Secure QR code cloud issuance portal

Using the QR link secure encrypted QR code cloud portal to generate the secure QR codes, allows secure QR code credentials to be distributed and used via print, email, plastic, and digital ID cards for any organisation, at a fraction of the cost, of existing Bluetooth, NFC and virtual Mifare credentials.

The QR link portal can be accessed through its intuitive user interface. QR code mobile credentials can be purchased and managed within the portal. QR codes can be issued directly via the portal to email, pdf download or directly into Apple and Google wallet for display on mobile devices. Integrating to the portal using the available secure API to automate the issuance of the secure encrypted QR code is easy, and available to allow seamless integration for issuance of QR code mobile credentials from other systems.

Complete QR link reader solution

The QR link reader is a robust, fast QR scanning device that can be used as a desktop top keyboard wedge USB reader through to an IP rated, resin sealed external door access reader that reads secure QR mobile credentials. Available in various card technology combinations, the QR link secure QR code reader can have QR only, QR / Mifare, QR / Mifare DESFire combinations. Download the datasheet for more information.

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