Lanyards & Custom Lanyards

There’s nothing quite as handy as having an ID card lanyard, and whatever else you need on there too!

We hold plenty of stock of unbranded lanyards in a variety of options. The two main fabrics you will see are a flat polyester twill and a lightweight tubular polyester that’s super comfortable for everyday use. The most popular attachments are swivel clips / trigger snap rings and alligator clips, but the options are endless and Unicard can supply the exact lanyard you need.

Our custom order lanyards with your own design introduce a third fabric option, a vibrant dye sub polyester in a premium flat finish, great for business events and anywhere you really want them to stand out and look great!

All our lanyards come standard with a safety breakaway clip. Don’t see your lanyard type online? Contact us for quick assistance and immediate pricing. Explore our range and order online to receive fast Australia wide delivery.

Unicard are a leading supplier for ID accessories Australia wide. Explore our online range below.

Quality products and fast delivery.

We don’t supply inferior products and keep our customers happy with accessories that last. If your item is in stock, it’s likely to be with you the next business day in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the surrounding cities.

You’re not on your own.

Buying from Unicard gives you the backing of decades of experience, we’re not just a faceless online retailer. We have real people behind the scenes that work in all aspects of the ID industry and have a support team that can help you.

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Unicard stock a wide range of ID accessories to suit your requirements.

ID accessories are commonly paired with our other product categories like blank cards, access cards and card printers. Explore our range online or contact us for more information.

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Should you need assistance in picking the right card holder, lanyard attachment or any other ID accessory – contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements and we would be happy to provide you with a quick and easy quote with the exact items you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Unicard can customise lanyards with any printed logo or design. Some choices may require a specific weave or material, but we can help you there, contact us anytime. If you would like to request other branded ID accessories to match, contact us today to discuss the various options available.

Yes, Unicard offer discounted pricing when ordering items in bulk. This applies to all product categories. If you need to order your products in large quantities, check out the pricing tiers online or contact us with your requirements.

Nearly all products in our online store are on the shelf and ready for packing and immediate despatch. Our fast order processing means you get your order sooner.

Given the product is in stock, you can expect delivery sometimes even next day however depending on your location this could be anywhere from 1-4 days. Custom lanyards will take slightly longer given the custom printing to take place.

Contact us if you need it sooner and we can assist with express delivery options.

All our lanyards come with a breakaway clip to reduce the risk of them being a choking hazard. This makes them suitable for any workplace.

That entirely depends on your use case, but as a general guide there are 3 main categories:

The dye sub polyester premium flat lanyards can handle any design and look fantastic.

The tubular polyester are very lightweight and very comfortable to wear all day, however don’t take as well to customisation.

Twill polyester are an in-between, simple customisation and logos work great, a flat design that are more cost effective than the dye sub premium lanyards.