ID Card Software – CardStudio 2.0

Zebra CardStudio 2.0 makes designing and producing high-quality cards quick and simple for Zebra ID card printers.

Whether you’re creating a handful of single-sided monochrome cards or thousands of encoded, fill-colour, double-sided cards with special security effects and dynamic data, CardStudio 2.0 makes it easy.

CardStudio Editions

With four editions available, you can purchase the features you need today and upgrade to unlock advanced capabilities as your business needs evolve.


  • Card Design and Print in one application
  • No database features
  • CardStudio 1.0 Design Conversion


  • All Classic functions
  • Unlimited card designs and data records
  • 1 project file
  • CardStudio 1.0 database conversion
  • Digital ID capabilities


  • All Standard functions
  • Full external database connectivity for MS Access, MS SQL, My SQL and Oracle databases
  • Generic ODBC driver support
  • Multiple project files


  • All Enterprise functions and unlimited card designs, projects, data records
  • Full SmartCard encoding including MIFARE Classic, plus and DESfire

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. CardStudio works with the following Zebra ID card printers: ZXP Series 1, ZXP Series 3, ZXP Series 7, ZXP Series 8, ZXP Series 9, ZCL10, ZC100, ZC300/350

Likely not. Most ID card printers are sold as just the printer only and you will need something like cardPresso to help manage your card templates and person database.