Loyalty Card Printing

Unicard offer a range of solutions to produce instant, professional & cost-effective loyalty cards all from your own desktop card printer.

When outsourcing loyalty card printing, production lead times & costs continue to be an issue.

Unicard recommend purchasing a loyalty card printer to produce your own professional and durable plastic loyalty cards. The large range of loyalty card printers that Unicard offer have many models that can produce a full colour high quality gloss finish to your loyalty cards. Given the quality expected from customers when receiving a loyalty card, it is recommended that customers use pre-printed cards with their choice of card printer which we can also help with.

There are many options with pre-printed cards that Unicard offer such as dual sided full colour, metallic printing, barcode and numbering, magnetic encoding and so much more. Unicard produce hundreds of thousands of durable and high-quality offset pre-printed cards per year. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you achieve high quality loyalty cards while remaining cost effective. Or order online for fast delivery Australia wide.

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Why Choose Unicard As Your ID Supplier?

Professional ‘On The Spot’ Loyalty Card Printing

Rather than outsourcing your loyalty card printing, print your own custom Loyalty cards from your office with a loyalty card printer from Unicard. The plastic loyalty cards that are produced by our card printer range will exceed your expectations with many different quality options to choose from. Save time and money by printing your own loyalty plastic cards with our card printing solutions.

Pre-Printed Loyalty Cards

Unicard produce bulk loyalty cards with your design pre-printed. These cards can be used with your Loyalty card printer to personalise the print with the loyalty members details, or the cards can be used as is with all the printing already completed. These loyalty cards can be encoded so they can be swiped, they can have barcodes so they can be scanned and so many more features are available.

Professional Gift Card Quality

Unicard have a large range of plastic card printers to suit your needs and meet the quality you desire to achieve. Save time and money with a direct to card printer and pre-printed cards or choose a re-transfer card printer which does not require the use of pre-printed cards. Both 300DPI and 600DPI models are available so that all quality requirements are met. Contact our friendly team today for assistance or explore our card printer range online for fast Australia wide delivery.

Loyalty Cards For Your Valued Customers

Unicard are a leading supplier for membership card printers to clubs around Australia. Check out our Membership Card Printing page for more information and the products we offer to best assist you with your membership and loyalty card printing.

With many customers offering Gift Cards to their customers to use in store / club etc, Unicard can provide a card printer or pre-printed cards so that you can provide professional and durable plastic gift cards to your customers. Our customers using our Gift Card Printers will either use pre-printed cards or blank cards with a high-quality retransfer printer which we highly recommend. The most popular and common brands are the Kanematsu Swiftpro and HID Fargo card printer ranges given their high quality and accurate 600DPI printing.

Looking For a New ID Card Printer Solution?

Unicard are a leading provider in the membership and loyalty card printing business given our long-standing experience in the industry and professional service and support we offer to all customers. Order online or contact us today so we can assist you with your loyalty card printing requirements.