Blank ID Cards

Unicard supplies the full range of blank ID cards, including blank white cards, adhesive, magnetic stripe, break-away, smart, premium finish, colour, thick and thin.

All our cards are from respected manufacturers and provide your printers with the best possible printing surface. A quality blank ID card reduces the risk of damage to your printhead and other sensitive internal printer components.

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Why choose Unicard as your card supplier ?

Quality Matters

A reliable blank ID card is the backbone of the performance of your ID card printer. We only stock high quality blank PVC cards and blank plastic ID cards. Cheap blank ID cards often result in poor print quality and are a real risk to your printer.

Custom/Pre-printed cards

Chances are that you already have a card that has been printed from our pre-printed blank ID card stock without knowing! We supply hundreds of thousands of pre-printed cards each year to hundreds of customers all over Australia. We can guide you on how to get the best looking and performing custom cards.

Best price, every day

Unicard offers unbeatable pricing when it comes to consumables.

As the importer and distributor, Unicard have access to great bulk purchase rates for blank card stock and we pass this directly to our customers. Speak to us about purchasing in bulk and saving money in your budget!

Pair your blank ID cards with accessories and save!

Unicard have even more to offer after your ID card has been printed. Have you thought about inserting the card into a holder, and what about attaching that card holder to a lanyard?

Unicard have all the ID card accessories you need to get the job done and leave that professional feel to your staff and customers.

Contact us today for a magnetic card holder, custom lanyards, hard or soft card holders, clips, magnetic pads and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

CR-80/CR-79/CR100 – These numbers aren’t branding; they’re referring to the size of the cards! Specifically, the length and width only.

A CR-80 card is the most common and is the size of a regular credit card.

CR-79’s are ever so slightly smaller, usually reserved for adhesive cards where the card needs to fit just inside the outer rim of the older style clamshell proximity cards.

CR-100 cards are larger cards and require specific ID large format ID card printers usually only used for national ID cards in limited places around the world.

CR80 cards are 54mm x 86mm

30mil, 10mil, 40mil etc. – This refers to the thickness of the cards. A “mil” is a unit of length equal to 0.001 (thousandth) of an inch. While not a common measurement term outside of the USA, it’s the more common card thickness measurement for ID cards around the world.

30mil cards are the most common and the type that most of your wallet is filled with! While all printers will be able to print on cards outside this range, it’s best to check your ID printer settings first just in case. Some printers may struggle to grip 10mil thin cards, and some may not be able to pass thicker 50mil cards through the card path.

Please contact us if you’re unsure what your printer can handle, we’re always available to lend a hand if you need to double check before ordering.

If you are unsure which card type you need to purchase, there are a couple ways you can find out.

Unicard keep track of every purchase, so we have a complete record of all your previous orders. Call our office and our friendly staff can assist in having new cards sent out immediately!

Alternatively, feel free to type the part number on the card box into the search bar.

Please call or email our friendly staff who can assist with the process and guide you on how to get the best looking and performing custom cards. We supply hundreds of thousands of pre-printed cards each year to hundreds of customers all over Australia.

Generally, the minimum order for pre-printed cards is 500. Prices do scale with volume, so it’s best to order in larger amounts if possible.

We probably do! Due to the wide range of niche cards that are available, unfortunately we can’t list them all online. Call our office and our friendly staff can assist.

Blank ID cards generally don’t come with any visible security features, this can be added to your cards by the printer itself and the types of ribbon and laminate it uses.

To increase security around your printed ID card, Unicard recommend purchasing a lamination module upgrade for your ID card printer. The lamination module upgrade is only available to specific printers and will not only increase the amount of security you have on your card but also the durability by adding an additional film layer to your card.

Lamination films can be clear for added durability only or they can have a secure holographic design encompassing multiple visual security elements for an added extra level of security to your card.

Want to know if your card printer can be upgraded to lamination? Speak to our team today to find out more.

In general, the best number of cards to order is the amount that matches your printer ribbon capacity and how many ribbons you’re ordering. That keeps things nice and tidy, knowing that when you’re getting low on cards you will also need more ribbon and vice versa.

Most card types come in packs of 100, and one box holds 500.

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