Fargo DTC1500 Single Side Printer


HID Fargo’s latest DTC1500 card printer with cost effective printing, 3 years warranty and secure watermark technology!

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HID Fargo DTC1500 Card Printer – Single Sided (Flipper Upgrade available). USB and Ethernet Ports – 3 Year Warranty

Compact, easy to use and extremely reliable. Using high yield cost effective ribbons, the latest Fargo DTC printer is becoming the most popular choice for a reason.
The DTC1500 also comes equipped with a unique Watermark effect available with your custom logo. A simple security measure that is hard to replicate and customised easily within your driver.
The DTC1500 includes built-in dual-side printing and can be activated with the simple use of an RFID tag making after-purchase upgrades virtually effortless.
Due to its modular, scalable design – optional lamination or encoding modules can also be added at any time.
Security, lower cost, innovation, and versatility it all comes standard with the DTC1500.



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