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MATICA ID Card Printers

Matica continues to retain a leading position in a globally competitive market as a result of consistently investing in, and delivering, innovative technology. This is what sets us apart from the rest. Working from our production plant in Italy, our international team of highly qualified engineers develops cutting edge solutions that protect our everyday world with better security.

Matica Espresso II

Matica Espresso IIThe Espresso is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer, that is a brain-child of Italian design & engineering and reflects German reliability in consistent performance. It offers its users value and versatility with superior print speed and outstanding print quality. With its robust and durable construction, the Espresso looks and works great in any office or card production environment.

Matica S3100

Matica S3100The S3100 is based on our direct-to-card printing engine. It is the perfect partner for issuing professionally personalised preprinted payment cards such as debit cards, or pre-paid cards.

The S3100 supports colour dye sublimation and thermal transfer monochrome graphics, ISO compliant magnetic strip encoding, contact and contactless EMV chip encoding and complies with all required financial regulations including Visa® card and Mastercard® security.

Matica S3200HD

Matica S3200HDMatica S3200HD is a desktop retransfer printer for financial fl at card issuance. Capable of personalizing up to 80 cards per hour, this easy-to-use printer was specifically developed for instant financial card issuance for banks, credit unions and other institutions wanting to offer customers debit and credit. Fully compliant with financial instant issuance regulations this technology offers contact and contactless EMVchip encoding and magnetic strip encoding. In addition, the edge-to-edge, high quality print quality is beyond comparison.

Matica S3400 and S3500

Matica S3400 and S3500The Matica S3400-S3500 is fully scalable solution with the option of two or seven card feeders for a total of 700 cards and like all Matica technology it is EMV-compliant. The system design is based on proven in-house technologies, such as the embosser, the magnetic stripe encoder, the direct-to-card printing and the card feeding modules. Engineered with S3500's technology but fitted with just two hoppers, the S3400 is a perfect solution for financial institutions that only need two types of embossed cards. By contrast, one can add up to another five additional hoppers to the S3500, so it's possible to have seven individually loaded cartridges in the final configuration.

Matica K3 Kiosk printer

Matica K3 Kiosk printerThe Matica® K3 is an open frame module ready to be integrated into a wide range of kiosks for instant issuance for embossed financial and loyalty cards through a self-service operation. The K3 Kiosk Card Printer offers reliability, flexibility and it is optimized for easy and fast integration.

Matica XID8100 Retransfer Card Printer

Matica XID8100The Matica XID8100 retransfer printer is the perfect solution for the regular day-to-day demand to personalize all kind of PVC cards.

As a standard, the XID8100 come a single side version, but various additional modules, such as flipper module, bend remedy module as well as a selection of encoders can be added on demand. A wide choice of in-line lamination modules to further protect the card against any physical impact or to make it even more secure, can be attached to the PVC card printer.

Matica XID8300 Retransfer Card Printer

Matica XID8300A compact, yet powerful PVC ID card printer is indispensable in day-to-day operations of many educational, financial or industrial facilities. Matica´s XID 8300 is a versatile PVC ID card printer, offering crystal-clear printing through retransfer technology and a high card-per-hour output.

Very Similar to the XID8100, the XID8300 has an output of up to 120 cards an hour allows for a quick turnaround without compromising the quality and means that card issuance will not hold your organization back, even in the times of highest demand.

The retransfer technology allows the printer to print on all kind of card materials, such as PVC, ABS, PET, hybrid card constructions and even Polycarbonate.

Matica XID8600 Retransfer Card Printer

Matica XID8600

Matica´s XID8600 is a 600 dpi card printer. It relies on over-the-edge dye sublimation retransfer technology to achieve top-notch results. The outstanding image quality, high security standards, micro print, as well as its adaptability, make this model the right choice for government, corporate or financial applications.

The XID8600 has an output of up to 120 cards an hour allows for a quick turnaround without compromising the quality and means that card issuance will not hold your organization back, even in the times of highest demand.

Matica XID9300 Retransfer Card Printer

Matica XID9300The double sided EDIsecure XID9300 Retransfer printer offers high quality, similar to the quality you get from offset printing. Uneven card surfaces are not a problem for the XID9300.

The XID9300 can achieve the same printing speeds (120 cards an hour) as its smaller cousin the XID8300 but can hold up to 300 cards instead of 200 cards and it can also print onto thicker PVC card. The XID9300 is very popular for printing name tags.

Matica XL8300 Retransfer Card Printer

Matica XID9330Matica´s new XL8300 is an innovative retransfer printer, that specializes in printing exceptionally high quality oversized cards for the event management industry, and is capable of printing up to 128 cards per hour and like the rest of the XID Series 8 family it retains high quality print production. Corporate environments may need wide format cards where access control requires immediate personal identification.

The XL8300 retransfer technology can print text, logos and images in UV ink and prints efficiently on a range of card materials including PVC, ABS and PET so its flexibility surpasses the market´s alternative solutions.

Matica S5200

Matica S5200The S5200G is a fast mid-volume professional printer, capable of printing up to 2,400 cards per hour in monochrome, dual sided and colour print. Designed to provide consistent performance with high quality print results it is a powerful yet affordable issuance solution. S5200G is ideal for the issuance of mid-volume batches for access control, membership, employee ID, financial and loyalty cards. It can be used as stand-alone station or complementary unit into larger systems. The rugged construction of the system offers reliability and comes with long lasting supplies. Combined with high capacity feeders, it allows for unattended operations that are unique in its category making it the perfect bureau instant issuance solution.

Matica S6200

Matica S6200Matica’s new S6200 line is designed to meet specific needs of midvolume issuers. It offers a selection of pre-configured floor standing card personalization systems for graphic printing, embossing and encoding options. Each configuration can operate in full autonomy or can upgrade into a platform of up to 5 modules. This scalable solution can be linked with an inline card mailing system for a complete card-to-envelope solution. Based on Matica’s well-known proprietary S7000 line, the S6200 series offers an entry-level solution into central card issuance at a low-cost ratio, while it is flexible to upgrade anytime for more demanding high volume card issuance programs. The S6200GG is the perfect solution for cost-conscious distribution of loyalty, membership, access control, employee ID, and financial cards issuance at the production volume of up to 2.000 cards per hour.

Matica S7000

Matica S7000 Matica’s S7000 Flagship Model is designed to meet specific needs of High volume issuers. Matica Technologies gives you a card issuance system, capable of delivering production volumes of 1,200 cards per hour and beyond. The S7000 is a modular system which supports all of the functions you require for central card issuance. Modules include multiple encoding stations, monochrome and color printing, overlay application, embossing, indent printing and tipping and laser engraving to name a few. This scalable solution can be linked with an inline card mailing system for a complete card-to-envelope solution. The S7000 is scalable from an entry level single-function system up to a fully loaded configuration that meets the most demanding production requirements. It is capable of embossing over 1,000 cards per hour and printing up to 2,400 cards per hour, ensuring the same production rate with very high yield for chip card encoding, both contact and contactless

Matica MS7000 Mailer

Matica MS7000 Mailer The MS7000 Card Mailing Systems line offers flexible solutions for direct card mailing and fulfilment applications. Designed to work either as stand-alone unit or configured in-line with the modular S7000