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S7000 Pre Configured Systems for High Volume Specialised Card Issuance

Matica’s S7000 Flagship Model is designed to meet specific needs of High volume issuers. Matica Technologies gives you a card issuance system, capable of delivering production volumes of 1,200 cards per hour and beyond. The S7000 is a modular system which supports all of the functions you require for central card issuance. Modules include multiple encoding stations, monochrome and color printing, overlay application, embossing, indent printing and tipping and laser engraving to name a few. This scalable solution can be linked with an inline card mailing system for a complete card-to-envelope solution.

The S7000 is scalable from an entry level single-function system up to a fully loaded configuration that meets the most demanding production requirements. It is capable of embossing over 1,000 cards per hour and printing up to 2,400 cards per hour, ensuring the same production rate with very high yield for chip card encoding, both contact and contactless

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S7000 Pre Configured Systems
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Protected Investment

The modularity of Matica S7000 is virtually unlimited: unlimited in the number of sections, unlimited in the features that the modules provide now and can provide anytime, unlimited in the software licensing, as no additional fees are required expanding the system. Matica gives you the power to quickly adopt the performance of your investment and adjust the personalization features together with changing business and the market demands, without hassles.

Versatile Encoding Options

S7000 offers the flexibility to meet almost any commercial protocol through the full encoding module. In today´s challenging demand to meet various chip capabilities the system offers flexible options to meet complex coding specifications which save production time in the card programming process and improve efficiency.

MaticardPro Software

MaticardPro, is Matica Windows-based card design software, providing an efficient and user-friendly interface between the operator and the system. MaticardPro features a card layout editor with card management and production capabilities, all in a single integrated package that is at the same time versatile in its functions and easy to use for production staff. MaticardPro is PCI/DSS compliant.