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HID Element UV INK Personalisation System

In a class by itself, the new HID Element UV INK Personalisation System delivers a lower cost per image compared to standard, dye-sub ribbon based desktop DTC or HDP (retransfer card printers), and a lower total cost of ownership than feature comparable central issuance systems. As easy to use as a standard direct to card (DTC) and retransfer desktop printers but with the modularity, power and throughput speed to rival central issuance industrial printers, the HID Element opens up a whole new world of possibilities for credential issuance at the desktop.

HID Element Benefits

  • Easy to use like standard, DTC/Retransfer desktop based printers
  • Much larger touch screen for easy status and maintenance, not the typical small printer display
  • Ink cartridges last for thousands of cards (5k or more depending on colour saturation), far outlasts ribbon rolls
  • Eliminates the need to stockpile multiple ribbon rolls or load new ribbons after just a few hundred printed cards
  • Less human intervention to reload consumables equates to lower operation costs


  • High resolution UV Inkjet card printing
  • Precision laser engraving
  • Multiple encoding options
  • High Capacity input/output of up to 1,600 cards
  • Unprecedented modularity in a desktop

  • HID Element ID Card Printer
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    HID Element’s inkjet Drop on Demand (DOD) printing ensures that only the precise amount of ink needed is used. This can result in a cost-per-card saving of up to 80% over standard desktop based systems.

    With six configurable ink channels and multiple options, the HID Element gives you the power to create dynamic, visually rich, single or dual sided ID and financial cards like never before. HID Element supports full colour or monochrome text and full colour graphics printing. You can even custom your own colours to bring distinctive card designs to life and bolster security.


    Since the HID Element does not use ribbons you wont have to worry about impacting the environment as much. The INK cartridges take up much less space which will reduce landfill. HID Element INKS are more secure. Used dye sub ribbons leave an imprint on the colour and black panels of the ribbon exposing secure data if not correctly or securely disposed of or destroyed properly.

    HID Elements high resolution printing ranges from 600 to 1,200dpi delivering sharper images and the ability to precisely print small text, complex characters and crisply defined barcodes that rival even offset preprinted cards.

    HID Element UV Inket printing precision nozzles apply thousands of microscopic ink droplets onto the card surface. These are applied in a specific sequence and at a uniform, high velocity ensuring accurate drop size and placement. Immediately upon printing, the ink is cured by exposure to strong UV light, causing ink components to cross-link onto a solid within microseconds. As a result, card text and colourful images dry virtually instantly, allowing for a very fast print process.

    HID Element has tested many different card types and most all PVC Cards will work fine (HID Ultracard PVC Cards recommended). Other types such as polycarbonate, PVC Composite and even metal core cards work in this printer.

    HID Element Laser Engraver System

    To make your cards even more secure, the HID Element laser engraver system is available as a modular upgrade to the HID Element or even a stand alone unit. Unique Identifying data or images are laser engraved into the card body for tamper proof, highly durable personalisation, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible.

    Up until now, card laser engravers were only able to engrave black marking and highly defined grayscale imaging, the HID Element laser engraving system can optionally be used in conjunction with the UV Ink printing system to provide the ability to combine laser with colour to accommodate even the most unique card designs.

    HID Element Built for Industrial, Continuous Operation

    The new card printer by HID revolutionizes industrial ID and financial card printing by combining high volume, superior quality UV inkjet printing and laser engraving into a heavy duty yet easily manageable desktop system. HID Element is an excellent option for organizations that need industrial speeds and volumes without the high cost and real estate of central issuance machines. HID Element is also ideal for customers that still want the ease of use, portability and manageability of a desktop based unit but have program requirements that cannot be met by current retransfer of DTC printers.

    Designed for continuous operation, HID Element was built to produce millions of cards over the life of the system. Even if your volume needs dictate uninterrupted production 24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year, the HID Element will deliver.