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Payment Solutions

Terminal Management Server

The hub of all Unicard Copy and Printing services is the Terminal management server. TMS as a system comprises of components and modules that work together to provide a complete terminal management, account management and web based reporting tool. Future system expansion is possible by simply adding terminals, there are no further licence costs after the initial purchase.

The system seamlessly integrates with the existing campus Intranet to place Copying and Printing data from terminals in the hands of the system administrator and users, with no software installations on the client machines. The TMS reporting tools are all Web browser based, meaning reporting is as easy as browsing a website.

The system also provides the administrator an array of security and configurable functionality to allow TMS (Reporting, Accounting and Copy/Printing) to operate in a secure and functional manner that would be best suited for your organisation.

Web Reporting

The TMS web reporting component provides the front end for administrators and users to administer and operate the entire system. This component provides vital information on the status of terminals, UNI.loaders , Account Holders and Accounts.

The Unicard web reporting engine is powered by the latest Microsoft .Net technology incorporating Crystal reports. Meaning a 100% compatibility with latest Windows and Windows server. A large variety of web reports come standard with the TMS System, providing data on all system components and accounts.

Financial Reports

An abundance of various accounting reports exist to financial / statistical reports on volumes of copying and printing. Cash takings are also reported on from each device with a powerful web based query engine that allows the user to quickly select a large range of reporting options including date range, by device/ terminal, by device/terminal group etc.

Account/Account Holder reports

These web reports allow the administrator and users to make queries to obtain account status and balance, account holder information and a method of viewing the activities of accounts in question. Account data can be displayed as a trail of transactions that represent the activity of a particular account from inception to current day. Optional Account Holder data can also be displayed and details such as ID, First Name , Surname and many other fields can be reviewed and updated.

Terminal/Device status

The status reports provide Snap shot data on all terminals, UNI.loaders, Point of sale, and any other connected devices. Each device checks in with the server at regular intervals, this information (Terminal ID, DATE and TIME, IP Address) provides a printable web based report on the state of the system.

Administration component

Administration of the entire system can be performed from the TMS web server. Management of the behaviour of account holders / accounts, users , devices and terminals can all be easily administered. Tasks such as the updating of pricing to terminals, changing displays , changing behaviour, locking user accounts, unlocking user accounts, applying security policies and a large variety of other features can be managed via the administration menu’s on the TMS webserver.

Powerfull, fast database engine

The Unicard system prides itself on its powerful and reliable SQL Server 2000 / 2005 backend database. The TMS database provides a fast and reliable platform to serve up account data and balances to terminals real time with out delays or inaccuracies experienced by other systems. Unicards TMS Database provides maximum flexibility with the ability to interface to various other Student, HR , Accounting systems to obtain user and existing account information. With other add on modules available. Functionality such as connecting to existing ACTIVE DIRECTORIES or NDS to obtain account information, or synchronising third party systems is easily achievable.

Printing Page Count Interface

The TMS Cost recovery system supports all major Print control software, with a direct account interface into the TMS account database for single fund source for both copying and printing. This will allow any site to use the Unicard Systems terminals, Account reloading and vending machines as the front end devices for both copying and printing.

Multiple Card Technology Support

The TMS Cost recovery system supports all major card technologies. The Unicard ePay terminals support Pin only, Magstripe, contact chip and Mifare / ISO 14443A-B compatible cards. With modular swappable internal Card modules, it is easy to migrate to new card technolgies as the need arises without major system reinvestment.