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Software Solutions

Asure ID 7 Series

Asure ID 7.0 is a completely new approach to effectively design and produce personalized IDs.

HID Global’s years of knowledge and development experience, combined with using best practices to build new, thoroughly researched user tools, have resulted in Asure ID 7.0 on the Microsoft .NET technology platform for stability and interoperability.

If you’re accustomed to previous versions of Asure ID, you’re going to love Asure ID 7.0. Upgrading is simple. Asure ID 7.0 has built-in tools to import both your v5 templates and database information into the new Asure ID.

EPISuite Series

IWS EPI Suite is the market's most robust photo ID software solution that enables users to design, print and encode high security, professional ID cards and credentials.

IWS EPI Suite's extensive set of features incorporate ease-of-use and efficiency into every step. ImageWare's smart face-finding tool enables any camera to automatically locate, center and crop a face. Through its customized camera driver, the image is then easily transferred into the database to speed and simplify the ID card enrollment process. As a result, users can create consistent, high-quality photo ID cards quickly, with minimal training.

UniSuite Platinum

UNISuite Platinum is a robust photo ID system that is developed by Unicard Systems®, it includes all features you need to manage large amount of data on a daily basis: security login, easy navigation, photo capture and photo editor, printing and encoding for professional ID cards and centralized network database.

Security login features allow administrator to create different privillege users or groups, restrict access to the software, provide event logs for all users, and use restricted data type and read-only field to increase input data validation.