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MS7000 Card Mailing Systems Line

The MS7000 Card Mailing Systems line offers flexible solutions for direct card mailing and fulfilment applications. Designed to work either as stand-alone unit or configured in-line with the modular S7000

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MS7000 Card Mailing Systems Line
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Card and Data Integrity Verification

The new intelligent mailer line assures your card & data integrity better than ever. It consists the reading option of the magnetic card stripe and chip data and performs the matching process. For the bank cards instead, it reads and matches the magnetic card stripe with the PAN. Additionally you can be sure that your dual interface cards are functional, thanks to our Card Integrity Verification option used in the last phase of the process.

Matica Designed OCR Module with Advanced Learning Function

Enables reading & recognizing various fonts, even those not designed for OCR.

Carrier Barcode Verification Module

Ensures that cards and carriers match before combining these to the folding and insertion module.

Buffering System

Creates a linear flow of both cards and carriers at high speed and productivity without any “parking areas” that can cause carriers and cards to become out of sequence.

Management of Multi Cards

It is possible to attach up to 6 cards per carrier (up to 4 if the carrier needs to be folded). The position of each individual card on the carrier is totally configurable.

Card Attach Sensor

Make sure your card is well attached to the carrier with our Card Attach Sensor option.

MaticardPro Software

A unique software designed to manage the entire card personalization and mailing process. Providing an Advanced Exception Handling Management System, permits to recover the sequence without interrupting the production process, rejecting the card and/or the carrier.