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K3 Card Printing Module for Kiosks

The Matica® K3 is an open frame module ready to be integrated into a wide range of kiosks for instant issuance for embossed financial and loyalty cards through a self-service operation. The K3 Kiosk Card Printer offers reliability, flexibility and it is optimized for easy and fast integration.

 K3 Kiosk product brochure

MATIKA S3400-3500 K3 Card Printing Module for Kiosks
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High Quality Proven Technology

The K3 is composed of heavy-duty components derived from the first-class Matica desktop embossers, embracing the complete expertise of Matica Technologie’s in developing card personalization equipment to the service of card issuance for kiosk integrations. K3 includes an embossing drum, tipping unit and a card transportation system, offering an easy-to-integrate module for kiosk integrators, automatic teller machines (ATM) and virtual teller machines (VTM).

Multiple Choice of Applications and Flexibility

The Matica K3 Kiosk Card Printer is available in two versions, depending on how the card transportation is needed. The front version o_ ers pick-up and delivery of the card on one side only, commonly the front side. The front-rear version operates in an alternative mode, picking the card on one side and delivering it on the opposite side. This combination offers high flexibility and the ability to adapt to a multiple number of applications and kiosks designs.

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Operate

Matica K3 has been designed and developed specifically for kiosk integration purposes. As a result, the K3 Kiosk Card Printer module offers great flexibility to perfectly fit in any kind of kiosk environment thanks to its compact and smart design, small dimensions and the customized anchors to fit in a kiosk rack. Easy to operate and virtually maintenance free, together with the use of long-life consumables, makes the Matica K3 the perfect choice for card issuance kiosk integrators and end users.