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S3400-3500 Embossing Financial Card Printer

The Matica S3400-S3500 is fully scalable solution with the option of two or seven card feeders for a total of 700 cards and like all Matica technology it is EMV-compliant.
The system design is based on proven in-house technologies, such as the embosser, the magnetic stripe encoder, the direct-to-card printing and the card feeding modules. Engineered with S3500's technology but fitted with just two hoppers, the S3400 is a perfect solution for financial institutions that only need two types of embossed cards. By contrast, one can add up to another five additional hoppers to the S3500, so it's possible to have seven individually loaded cartridges in the final configuration.

 S3400 product brochure
(2 card input hoppers)

 S3500 product brochure
(2 card input hoppers)

MATIKA S3400-3500 Embossing Financial Card Printer
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Why Choose Instant issuance?

Providing a personliased card instantly is the fastest way for your customer to start spending. It also reduces traditional costs associated with direct-to-card printing by putting cards straight into customers’ hands, saving on typical mailing costs and paper, which positively impacts card activation rates. More flexibility also lies in the S3400S-3500 due to its height. It can be deployed anywhere, has an adjustable touchscreen and can be easily placed underneath a front-desk.

Financial Card Encoders

In order to support EMV transition, every Matica S3400-S3500 supports magnetic encoding as well as chip encoding, (contact and / or contactless).

Ease of Use

Ease of operation is key when it comes to decentralized issuance and the Matica S3400-S3500 has been designed to help day-to-day operational needs:
• Card level monitoring thanks to backlit card feeder doors
• Adjustable and flexible touchscreen
• Easily accessible to replace consumables or carry out technical checks
• Reduced height to comply with front-desk settlement

Enhanced security

It’s critical that card issuance is consistently protected from potential risks, and like other Matica solutions, the new S3500 has been designed to suit in-branchVisa® and Mastercard® security guidelines with:
• Data encryption
• Electronic and key control locks, as well as password protection to ensure secure
access to the device as consumables are exchanged or cards are restocked
• Kensington® slot and table-anchoring bolts are also available as standard features