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UniSuite PlatinumID Card Management Software

UNISuite Platinum is a robust photo ID system that is developed by Unicard Systems. It includes all features you need to manage large amount of data on a daily basis: security login, easy navigation, photo capture and photo editor, printing and encoding for professional ID cards and centralized network database.

Security login features allow administrator to create different privillege users or groups, restrict access to the software, provide event logs for all users, and use restricted data type and read-only field to increase input data validation.

UNISuite Platinum supports wide range of cameras, provide various means to capture high quality person's photo and incorporates with Microsoft Windows drivers: Windows Driver Models (WDM), TWAIN and Window Image Acquisition (WIA) etc. UNISuite Platinum also provides platform to edit images on the capture spot to maximize the image quality.

Easy-to-print features have included all you need for card printing on a daily basis: with easy navigation, you will be able to locate specific person records within seconds, and one button printing has simplified your operations in the maximum convenience. Further more, batch printing allows you to select a group persons and print cards for them without human intervention. Finally, AutoPrint server mode provides spectacular automaton system that monitors and manages new card records on the network database, and perform various tasks automatically, such as card printing, file management (photos and documents), email notification and communicate with external systems etc.

Centralized network database provides the most convenient way to access your data and increase the integrity, security and maintainability of your database.

UniDesignerID Card Template Design Software

UNIDesigner has implemented the latest technology "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG), you will be able to create card templates within minutes by dragging and dropping elements with your mouse. With the powerful tools in UNIDesigner, you can visualize your ideas in your mind in the shortest time possible.

UNIDesigner works perfectly with various versions UNISuite Platinum to achieve the maximum control power of daily card printing process, and other features will include, but not limited to: security login, pictures editting, barcode and
magnetic 1, 2, 3 encoding, card template preview etc.