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RP90 Plus E Card Printer

Datacard RP90 Plus E ID Card Printer

The Datacard RP90 Plus E card printer helps government agencies and other organizations address heightened safety and security concerns with photo IDs that incorporate smart card technology and unconventional card materials. It enables you to issue durable, high-quality cards easily and cost-effectively.

  • Improve durability with retransfer printing
  • Issue dual-interface, proximity and smart cards
  • Maximize card security with advanced laminates

 RP90 Plus E product brochure

High-quality, over-the-edge retransfer printing

Expect outstanding image quality and productivity with the RP90 Plus E card printer. It prints a single, one-sided, four-color card in 29 seconds. The RP90 Plus E card printer prints on retransfer film, which is then applied to the card surface. This innovative technology offers a layer of protection for printed information. It also protects the printhead and increases uptime.

Support for heavy duty card materials

Retransfer printing allows you to print high-quality photo IDs on a wide variety of card surfaces, including heavy-duty, non-PVC material (PET, PET-G, ABS, and polycarbonate) that offers significantly higher durability than traditional cards.

Reliable connectivity

The RP90 Plus E card printer supports Ethernet 10/100 Base-T bi-directional networking.

Information security

Protect sensitive data from theft with the Security Erase feature, which helps block out black text on the used YMCK ribbon. Utilize IPSec encrypted networking security to secure data transfer.