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Swiftpro Advanced Retransfer Printers & Laminators

Swiftpro card printers and laminators offer a complete solution for reliable, secure plastic ID card and badge printing for businesses from all sectors. Our card printers provide physical and digital access to support the delivery of efficient, cost effective, and smart business operations.

Swiftpro printers are suitable for a wide range of industries including corporate, education, financial, government, healthcare, retail and transport industries.

Swiftpro have been a leading manufacturer for over 30 years. They are a proud company with a rich history, known for providing reliable and robust card printer solutions that meet a vast range of customer requirements.

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Swiftpro K30 and K60 Retransfer Printers

The K30 and K60 are ultra reliable printers, with exceptional 300DPI (K30) or 600DPI (K60) print quality, a suitable printer for any business requiring high quality identification cards and badges.

The K30 and the K60 are available with the following options

  • Contact and Contactless smart code encoding technologies
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoders
  • 100 card Input and output hopper with an optional 250 hopper upgrade
  • Single side or dual side
  • Security Erase function prevents leakage of personal information (Factory Standard)
  • Dye-Sublimation UV Printing to enhance ID card security (YMCKuv ribbon option)
  • K30 comes with 300DPI Printhead
  • K60 comes with 600DPI Printhead allows for printing microtext as a security feature.

The K30 or K60 is the ideal solution for both simple and advanced secure card programs for a range of industries.

Warranty: 36 months with lifetime on printhead

SwiftPro k30 SwiftPro k60 with laminator

 Swiftpro K30 Data Sheet
 Swiftpro K60 Data Sheet

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Swiftpro L10 and L10D Laminators

Partner a Swiftpro printer with the L10 lamination module to achieve maximum durability and security.

The Swiftpro L10 and L10D lamination units are the ideal partner for the K-Series of Swiftpro printers, providing enhanced durability and longer card lifecycle. Using a thermal transfer lamination application, the Swiftpro L10 laminator has clear, generic or custom hologram overlay options for increased security; ensuring that cards are tamper resistant and very difficult to counterfeit.

The colour-coded supply cartridges and intuitive supply loading enables the simple loading of lamination supplies, enhancing the ease of use for businesses printing a wide range of cards. The Swiftpro L10 laminator increases the durability, life cycle and security of passes, badges and cards.

SwiftPro l10SwiftPro L10 Drawers
 Swiftpro Family Brochure

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